Bluestone Corporate Wellbeing leaf

‘Wellbeing’ encompasses a complex combination of a person’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, philosophical, social, cultural and relationship factors. 

Our world is getting more and more complex by the moment, often demanding we keep up, work harder, become more resilient, be stronger, be more adaptable and more self-aware.  After all, we are told, there is so much we can do for ourselves nowadays, so much information on offer, we ought to be able to cope, to find time, to connect with our inner soul/spirit/child/warrior, how can we not find the right way to ‘be ok’?

mindfullWe may not notice these messages directly, however, social media is around for most people and even if we are not ‘plugged in’ to it, many of our friends, family, bosses and partners are.

Perhaps it starts with comparing ourselves to others, noticing any perceived failings, feeling inadequate, feeling anxious, feeling we may not be ‘good enough’ and becoming overwhelmed by not being able to find the right way to ‘be ok’. 

How about a holiday or a short break?  That sounds perfect. (Obviously, only if we had the time and money, otherwise that in itself would cause us more stress).  So, we could go off for a week or two, unplug ourselves and chill out.  Wow, how good would that be?!  However, we would still return to the same situations, same pressures and same stresses.  Although we may feel rejuvenated, it’s brief because all that stuff we left is still there.  We New leaf Bluestone Corporate Wellbeinghave not managed to change how we deal with it and all the old negative responses slowly flow back into our lives. 

The answer is how do make the important changes, not only to the situation (if possible), but to our responses to situations.  Our responses are under our control, it’s the one thing that will make the biggest difference to our happiness and wellbeing.

Here at Bluestone we offer a number of proven, powerful ways to improve your wellbeing.  Listed below are some of the areas in which we have helped clients.  Most of the work is a combination of mindfulness exercises, solution focused hypnotherapy, planning, information and practical tasks:

Personal Life

Stages in life
Personal wellness toolkit
Personal stress management toolkit
Coping with illness
Anxiety management
Living with depression
Dealing with stress
Bereavement and loss
Pain management
Coping with illness
Personal development
Emotional intelligence
Developing self-confidence
Rest and relaxation

Your life at work

Work-life balance
Imposter syndrome
Managing your workload
Personal fulfilment, satisfaction and purpose
Professional development
Communication skills
Constructive anger
Constructive criticism
Strategies and goals
Managing a crisis
Bullying at work
Avoiding burnout
Managing rejection
Dealing with difficult people
Managing conflict at home and work
Effective communication skills

Family Life

Relationship MOT
Relationship difficulties
Ending a relationship
Being Single
Supporting elderly dependents
Embracing a mid-life crisis
Being childless or child-free
Pregnancy and birth
When your child leaves home
Helping the young adult at university

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