Bluestonetherapy counselling

Counselling focuses on self-awareness and self-acceptance.  Your therapist will help you gain a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes, work though issues you are struggling with and help you to find you own solutions to problems in a safe, supportive confidential environment.  You will be encouraged to discuss your problems and any difficult feelings you encounter.couples therapy

You many not actually have a ‘problem’ or feel you are ‘struggling’ in any way, it might be you simply want to explore your thoughts in more depth.

There are many different types of counselling here in the UK, and so at Bluestone we will integrate different models of counselling therapy, if and when they are needed and with full awareness and consent of the client.  This often can bring a different, clearer understanding of a situation and give more options and choices for clients. 

Counselling & Hypnotherapy

Counselling focuses on the conscious experiences of the client, such as your thoughts and feelings, whilst hypnotherapy aims to influence the subconscious mind.  Often these models of therapy are used together and can be very effective, as each of them addresses the difficulty in a slightly different way.


bluestone corporate wellbeingAs with any therapy, you will be offered you a planned, structured time for sessions.  These will last for 50 minutes.  You may choose to have a one-off session, but generally counselling works best with around 4 – 6 consultations.  Some clients who are going through a very difficult time in their lives may opt for more sessions as and when they need them.   

Person to person:  Most clients opt to see their counsellor in person.  You will have a choice of different venues (see our venue page).    

Online:  If you chose to have your consultation via Skype, Facetime or email, you will be sent information on how this will proceed. 

Telephone counselling:  This can be a very helpful alternative (or addition) to face to face or online counselling.  Ideal if you are very busy, are at work or cannot get out to a private face to face consultation.